History of Textiles Information Resources: Articles and Journals

Selected Journals

Some of  these journals document the textile industry while others cover the textile arts. Additional journal titles can be found by using the KU Library Catalog.

Using Interlibrary Borrowing

KU students may borrow items not owned by the KU Libraries or may request scans of articles from our print-only journals. Instructions for using these services are described in the Request Materials LibGuide.

Indexes & Bibliographies

To learn of an article in a journal on a topic that you are researching, you may need to use an index or bibliography. These tools can be searched like the Library Catalog using names, keywords, phrases, word combinations, etc. Different indexes may present the information in a variety of formats so you need to read the page carefully to determine how to proceed. Some indexes will only provide a CITATION to the article while others may provide a full-text version. If there is only a citation, look for the KULINK  symbol to learn if there is a full-text online version, a paper copy in the library, or, if KU does not own, an option to borrow through Interlibrary Loan.

General indexes

Specialized indexes