International Students' Guide to Research Skills and Using the KU Libraries: Using Databases

This guide, designed especially for the needs of international students, provides explanations of how to do research using the KU Libraries' resources. It includes links, tutorials, and step-by-step instructions on developing research skills.

What's a library database?

What's a library database?   (RMIT University, Australia)

Google bias--why you can't rely on Google

Google vs. Databases

Begin your research with multi-disciplinary databases

To begin your research, the following databases offer multiple results in a wide-range of subject areas.  For additional results in databases that are focused on specific areas, follow the link to Databases listed by Subject.    All of the databases require a login with authentication and are licensed for all KU students, faculty, and staff connecting to the Internet.

Research Skills - Link to additional resource page

See additional pages in this guide related to Research Skills.