HSES 350: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries: Articles

This guide will list the kinds of resources you need for your research for this class and how to videos on effective search strategies.


Tips for effective searching.

Search Strategies:

Identify keywords in your research statement (use synonyms)

e.g. ice, icing, treatment, "ice pack"


injuiry, wound, swelling

Use AND, OR, NOT to connect keywords

e.g. inquiry AND treatments

Use “phrase searching” quotes around two or more words to keep them together as a phrase and prevent the database/web from searching the words individually

e.g. "ice pack" or "sports inquiry"

Use truncation to capture words that have the same root word with various endings, most databases and websites use an asterisks* to truncate

e.g. athlet* will bring back results for athlete, athletes, athletics

or injur* injury, injuired, injuries




Journal and Newspaper Articles on Sports Health Topics

The following is a list of databases that contain articles from scholarly journals and Newspapers that you can use for your research on sports injuries and treatments.

Research Help

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