Library resources and services for the Distance Masters Program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Home

A guide to the resources available to students enrolled in the distance masters program.


As a graduate student enrolled in the University of Kansas classes, you are entitled to accessing the libraries' electronic resources.  I hope the information provided here will assist in accessing our electronic resources.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

--Judith Emde


KU Online ID

Before starting your research, please have your KU Online ID and password available which are needed to connect to most databases and electronic journals because of licensing restrictions.  Please click here for further instructions on obtaining a KU Online ID.


KU Online screen


For a quick tutorial regarding library services & resources, see this video.

Problems with remote access

A variety of problems can arise when trying to retrieve electronic resources.  A common problem is a firewall can prevent access to the KU online login page which is addressed through your local internet service provider.  If you have problems, please contact me.

"Please be aware that to maintain access to library electronic resources, you must be enrolled."   Two-three weeks after the end of a semester, access could potentially be withdrawn if not enrolled for the following semester.


The information contained in this site is intended for use by students, faculty and staff of the University of Kansas and is for educational purposes only.  Access by any individual not affiliated with the University or use of any information contained within this site for purposes other than educational is strictly prohibited.

Research Help

We can help with your research questions -- contact us by chat, phone, email, text or at a Research Help desk.