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The LibGuide for the Libraries' Organization and Staff Development is a tool for organizing information by guiding you to the information you need on a given topic.  These are the tabs to explore in our guide. 

Video Pick of the Week

The Happy Secret to Better Work (Shawn Achor, TEDxBloomington)

"[As a society we see] happiness on the opposite side of success and [as a result] our brain never gets there."  Shawn Achor gives a humourous and fast talking presentation on the science of positive psychology and its effects on success in the workplace.



Strengthen KU Libraries' position as an agile, responsive organization capable of continual improvement and change. 



Staff Development is the facilitation and support of individuals and groups to identify, pursue, and apply a variety of learning opportunities to help them meet personal and professional goals and excel in the workplace. 

Organizational Development is building agility and responsiveness to change within the library organization through programs, tools, technologies, organizational structures, and the collective development of its individuals and groups.



  •  Have in place by July 2014 the overall KU Libraries' OD framework; assessment of needs in place, facilitating access to development, sustaining development, and assessing the impact of the development in place.

  • Make large inroads to a combination of the developed skills in place along with any needed changes in our culture that will better enable success.

  • Increase the number of staff who feel they are part of a Library culture where innovaction, creativity, empowerment, strong decision-making, and adaptability are all standard practice. 


Operational Plan Outcomes

The LOSDC was formed as a direct operational outcome of the KU Libraries Strategic Directions Plan for 2010-2012 which identified five strategic directions and 19 goals.  The full list of outcomes for achieving these goals make up the Internal Plan for the KU Libraries (April 2010)


Internal Plan - KU Libraries (April, 2010)

V. Enhance organizational capacity and effectiveness 

KU Libraries faculty and staff are educated and trained to enhance student success and faculty productivity. Librarians serve as information managers and educators who help their constituencies develop key skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving and effective use of vast and complex information resources. KU Libraries’ organization must be flexible and dynamic and responsive to change and the needs of users and staff.

Goal A. Create an organization able to successfully adapt to change.

Key Outcome #3: Develop and conduct a library program of professional and organizational development activities. (2010-12. Sponsor: Mike Broadwell)

Goal C.  Ensure recruitment and retention of a qualified, diverse and user-oriented staff.

Key Outcome #2: Promote and document staff development and training opportunities.  (2010-2012.  Lead: Mike Broadwell)