SciFinder on the Web (KU-Med): Home

Provides directions for KU-Med patrons to access SciFinder on the Web

SciFinder Web registration

To use the web version of SciFinder, you must first register at this link.

The following parameters are required to register:

  • Register at a computer with a KU IP address.

  • Enter an e-mail address that ends in "". Other e-mail accounts will not be accepted.

  • Complete the transaction after receiving a confirmation e-mail.

You are now ready to search the web version of SciFinder at


You will have to log in every time you access SciFinder.

License terms

Use of SciFinder must be for educational and academic research purposes only. Commercial use for a for-profit project or patentability searching is not permitted. Every time you log into SciFinder, you must agree to these terms along with a storage limit of 5,000 records.  If Chemical Abstracts Service notes any questionable activity, the KU Libraries are notified about a potential breach of the license.  Continued violation will result in a termination of license for all users.