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This guide contains resources for both K-12 students and teachers who would like to learn more about KU Libraries resources.


KU Libraries outreach to the K-12 community includes library instruction to students using the KU Libraries resources, providing information and resources to help students be college-ready, and working with high school teachers and librarians to integrate information literacy skills into the curriculum. 


We would love to hear your feedback on this guide!  Please use either the comments link at the top, or email suggestions directly to  Bayliss Harsh at bharsh@ku.edu. 

About This Guide

This guide contains resources for students and teachers on the topic of college readiness and information for those who are visiting KU Libraries to use our resources. 

High School and College Collaborations

Promote Higher Education

Visiting the KU Libraries and the KU campus provides students the opportunity to see for themselves the excitement and energy generated in a dedicated community of learners. 

Build Information Literacy

A trip to the KU Libraries is an engaging way to meet the Kansas State Department of Education's Library Media and Technology Standards.  In addition to learning how to find information, students of any age will benefit from exposure to a university library, helping to ameliorate student anxiety and familiarize students with the many resources that are available.

Enhance Research

KU Libraries has access to many sources most K-12 school libraries simply cannot afford and are not available for free on the internet.  At KU libraries students can access newspapers and magazines from across the country and the world, or even read from scanned images of historic newspapers like the New York Times and the Times of London dating back through the 19th century.  Digital image archives and encyclopedias can help expand research projects across all areas of the curriculum, including the arts and the sciences.

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